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Strategic Alliances:

Existing within the structure of K&T Switching Service, Inc. is a seamless environment of Strategic Alliances. These alliances, with supply chain logistic entities such as computer systems integrators, third party logistics (3PL's) and wireless data (RF) communications solutions, further strengthen K&T as your Yard Management service provider - magnifying the value add.

A combination of the right vendor partners and a well-calculated return on investment strategy equate to a multitude of opportunities for your company. A host of logistic practitioner solutions can be introduced to your operation which provide a pipeline of information visibility, integrate with other supply chain tools and long-term cost avoidance processes.

Companies interested in embracing, utilizing and integrating logistic technology within their supply chain are advancing their businesses to levels thought only attainable years down the road. The payback is gaining the competitive edge needed to perpetuate market growth, a stronger bottom line and improved customer relations. Don't get run over on the logistics highway of technology, get on board today.

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