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History of K&T Switching Inc.

K&T Switching Service, Inc. is a national service provider based in Sheffield Village, Ohio - specializing in innovative Yard Management products and services. Founded by Joseph E. Radican in 1977, K&T Switching Service Inc. comprehensive yard management business solutions to industries where over the road (OTR) trailer, ocean and intermodal container utilization is a vital aspect of business.

The company founder Joseph E. Radican, has applied his 25 years of experience and knowledge in the transportation industry to develop a highly qualified management team. This "Impact Team" offers an assesssment of a yard to determine a customers needs and develop solutions to address them.

KT Switching Service, Inc. has developed state of the art software applications designed for 24/7 operations. This suite of software including KT³ has been developed to address the growing logistic needs of our clients. Designed scalable, our systems can accommodate and add efficiencies to an logistic requirement.